Membership Rules

Green Choice (Personal/Commercial) Retail Member Regulations

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Green Choice (Personal/Commercial) Retail Member Regulations


1 Everyone who has reached the age of 18 and is approved by Green Choice can apply to become a (personal/commercial) member.

2 The membership card is limited to the applicant's own consumption and may not be lent or transferred to any other person.

3 Green Choice The right to reject any membership card application also has the right to cancel any membership card qualifications.

4 When entering the shopping mall or checkout area, you need to show your electronic membership card or provide a reserved mobile number to settle at the retail member's price.

5 After shopping at the outlet of the mall, the member must provide the shopping detailed bill to the employee selected by Green.

Annual membership fee

Retail members are exempt from annual membership fees.

Member payment method

Retail members can purchase goods at Green Choice Mall, which means that they can pay for purchases through cash, credit card, transfer, electronic payment or other payment methods agreed by Green Choice.

Other considerations

1. Cardholders are responsible for the actions of their minors.

2. The Green Choice reserves the right to refuse anyone to enter the mall at any time.

3. Green Choice The shopping mall absolutely prohibits smoking and spitting and other uncivilized behavior.

4. Any member of the Green Choice will be read or destroyed by the member or the guest he is carrying. The member must purchase the item.

5. Members must abide by all green membership systems (including future amendments), and Green's right to change membership rules at any time.

member benefits

Retail membership price.