Corporate Dynamics

Green Choice Project Mobilization Conference

2018-03-19 12:01:46 8

In November 1, 2017, presided by the Director of Operation Dept. Mr. Lv, Guangdong ZhaoXun Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. has hold the Green Choice Project mobilization meeting in the 2nd floor of Nanxin Building. At the meeting, Mr. Lv elaborated the preparing work at the beginning of the project, summarized the shortcomings of the current stage, and placed a new hope for the future work.

At the mobilization meeting, the VP of YBN Mr. Shi Zhongqin has presented the guidelines for the Green Choice project. Mr. Shi pointed out that every work should be planned in advance, such as the arrival time of the equipment as well as the time of testing. It is necessary to arrange the work order reasonably and reduce the unnecessary expenses. Make clear of the market planning and carry out the work with the aim. Currently all departments are working together to prepare for the opening within the scheduled time.