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Job Openings

Recruitment Information

Thank you for your interest in Green Choice’s opening. For the business development of our company, we are inviting like-minded partners to join our team.  Curently we have the following job openings:

Management Position:

Sales Director: 1

Planning Manager: 1

IT Manager: 1

Sales supervisor: 5

Purchasing Manager: 3

Function Position:

IT Engineer: 2

Dept. assistant/clerk: 8

Sales supervision: 10

Operation Position:

Tally clerk: 70

Cashier: 30

Security Guard: 15

Fresh food technician: 30

Electrician: 5

Interview Site:12th Floor, Nanxin Building, No.2, North of Le Cheng Yi Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Tel:0757- 66859646