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鱼类,是最古老的脊椎动物。部分不同染色体数目的杂交 [1]  的后代依然有生育能力。它们几乎栖居于地球上所有的水生环境,从淡水的湖泊、河流到咸水的大海和大洋。鱼类是终年生活在水中,用鳃呼吸,用鳍辅助身体平衡与运动的变温脊椎动物。根据已故加拿大学者统计,全球现生种鱼类共有24618种,占已命名脊椎动物一半以上,且新种鱼类不断被发现,平均每年以约150种计,十多年应已增加超过1500种,目前

Fish is the oldest vertebrate. The offspring of the hybridization [1] of some different chromosome Numbers are still fertile. They inhabit almost all aquatic environments on earth, from freshwater lakes and rivers to salty seas and oceans. Fish is a variable temperature vertebrate that lives in water all year round, breathing through gills, supporting body balance and movement with its fins. According to statistics Canada scholars, late global living species of fish, 24618 kinds, accounted for more than half the named vertebrates, and new species of fish have been found, on average every year to about 150 meter, more than 10 years has increased more than 1500 kinds, at present, the world has about 32100 species of named species. It is the most primitive and common group of vertebrate submen.