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Domestic dried fruit preserves

番薯又叫红薯,地瓜,甘薯,萌番薯[1]  ,含有丰富的糖、纤维素和多种维生素,其中b-胡萝卜素、维生素e和维生素c尤多,特别是番薯含有丰富的赖氨酸,而大米、面粉恰恰缺乏赖氨酸,并且含有的赖氨酸比大米白面要高得多。含有丰富的胡萝卜素可促使上皮细胞正常成熟,抑制皮细胞异常分化,消除有致癌作用的氧自由基,阻止致癌物与细胞核中的蛋白质结合,促进人体免疫力的增强。另外番薯不仅能防止早衰老,预防动脉

Sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes, sweet potato, sweet potato, of sweet potatoes [1], is rich in sugar, cellulose, and a variety of vitamins, including b carotene, vitamin e and vitamin c more, especially sweet potatoes are rich in lysine, and rice, flour, just lack of lysine, and contains lysine is much higher than rice flour. Contains rich carotene can induce normal mature epithelial cells, inhibition of abnormal skin cells differentiation, eliminate carcinogenic effects of oxygen free radical, prevent carcinogens combined with the protein in the nucleus, promote human body immunity enhancement. In addition, sweet potato can not only prevent early aging, prevent arteriosclerosis, but also can effectively prevent tumors and so on.