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干香菇是由鲜香菇经烤制等工艺加工而来的农产品。香菇具有极强的吸附性,必须单独贮存,即装贮香菇的容器不得混装其他物品,贮存香菇的库房不宜混贮其他物资。另外,不得用有气味挥发的容器或吸附有异味的容器装贮香菇。[1] 香菇(冬菇)又名椎茸,是生长在大自然环境下山活中珍贵野菌珍品,其营养丰富,口感鲜美细嫩,历来被人们视为席上佳肴。在香菇采摘后,将其烤制成干菇,不但可以提升其附加值,而且易于保存,

Dried shiitake mushroom is made from fresh shiitake mushroom through the processing of processing. The mushroom has the strong adsorption, must be stored separately, that is, the container that holds the mushroom is not to be mixed with other goods, the storeroom is not suitable to store other materials. In addition, it is not allowed to store the mushrooms in containers with odors or in containers with odors. [1]

Shiitake mushroom (mushroom) is also known as the mushroom, which is a rare and precious wild fungus in the natural environment. It is rich in nutrition and delicacy, and has always been considered a delicacy. After the mushroom is picked, it is baked into dried mushroom, which can not only enhance its added value, but also easy to save and sell well.