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Baking seasoning.

酵母(saccharomyce) 是基因克隆实验中常用的真核生物受体细胞,培养酵母菌和培养大肠杆菌一样方便。酵母克隆载体的种类也很多。酵母菌也有质粒存在,这种2pm 长的质粒称为2um 质粒,约6 300bp。这种质粒至少有一段时间存在于细胞核内染色体以外,利用2pm 质粒和大肠杆菌中的质粒可以构建成能穿梭于细菌与酵母菌细胞之间的穿梭质粒。酵母克隆载体都是在这个基础上构建的。[1] 酵母

Saccharomyces is a common eukaryotic receptor cell in gene cloning experiments, and it is convenient to cultivate yeast and to cultivate e. coli. There are many kinds of yeast clones. Yeast also has plasmids, and this 2pm plasmid is called 2um plasmid, about 6, 300bp. The plasmids exists in the chromosomes in the nuclei at least a period of time, use 2 PM plasmid and plasmids in e. coli can build to move back and forth between bacteria and yeast cells shuttle plasmid. Yeast cloning vectors are built on this basis.