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虾(Shrimp),是一种生活在水中的节肢动物,属节肢动物甲壳类,种类很多[1]  ,包括南极红虾、青虾、河虾、草虾、对虾、明虾、龙虾等。 虾具有很高的食疗营养价值‘可以有蒸、炸等做法,并可以用做于中药材。

Shrimp is a kind of arthropod that lives in water. It belongs to the crustacean class of arthropods. It has a variety of species [1], including Antarctic red shrimp, green shrimp, river shrimp, grass shrimp, prawn, prawn, lobster and so on. Shrimp has a high nutritional value of diet 'can be steamed, Fried and so on, and can be used in traditional Chinese medicine.