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Packaged instant noodle

方便面(instant noodles)定义:又叫泡面。早在方便面发明以前,在中国已经有类似的面食称为"伊面"或"伊府面"。安藤百福结合了传统的面条和拉面,再加入一些食用油,经过了脱水处理,变成了方便面。方便面在90年代初的日本流行非常之广。

Definition of instant noodles: also called instant noodles. Prior to the invention of instant noodles, there have been similar noodles in China known as "yi noodles" or "yifu noodles". Ando combines traditional noodles and ramen noodles with some cooking oil, which has been dehydrated and turned into instant noodles. Instant noodles were very popular in Japan in the early 1990s.