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Staple Food perfect service and special membership shopping environment for the customers.

Rice is one of the staple food of human beings. According to modern nutrition analysis, rice contains protein, fat, vitamin B1, A, E and various kinds of minerals. Rice varieties including polished round-grained rice, long-shaped rice, sticky rice, etc.

Non-staple Food

The foodstuffs store is mainly on food and a little bit groceries. It will be including cosmetics, stationery, hardware, clothing which can reach more than seven or eight thousand kinds of products. At present, they are currently developing into comprehensive services, with adding parking lots, cafes, clubs, cinemas, and other services such as banking, insurance and postal services. The development is very fast, e.g. the sales volumn of Japanese supermarkets have exceeded that of department stores.

Snack Food

Leisure food is also a kind of fast moving consumer goods. It's food that people eat when they have leisure or rest. The main categories including: dry fruit, puffed food, candy, meat, etc. With the improvement of people’s living standard, the leisure food has always been the favorite food for great majority of the people. When you walk into the supermarket, you will see so many leisure food such as chips, fries, shrimps, snows, preserved fruit, sour cakes, plum, peanuts, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, fish slices, dried meat, spiced fried meat, etc. Leisure food is gradually becoming the daily necessities for people. With the development of economy and the improvement of consumption level, the demand for the quantity and quality of leisure food is ever increasing.


Generally speaking, beverage refers to food which can satisfy the normal needs of human body and can be directly consumed, dissolved or diluted. Products that can be directly consumed without chewing (or slightly chewing) are all belong to the category of drinks, while drinks are only a part of food products.

Light Luxuries

The world is under the trend of light luxuries over the past few years. In order to meet the "No burden, High quality" consumption view of the new emerging middle class for 80s and 90s, the brands which used to occupy the first layer of the market is being gradually swallowed by the light luxury and trendy brands.

Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are the main components of food for Chinese people. They are rich in vitamins, inorganic salts and dietary fiber which are necessary for the human body, with little protein and fat. Since the fruits and vegetables contain varieties of organic acids, aromatic substances as well as red, green, yellow, blue, purple and other pigment ingredients, people can cook different flavors and various kinds of delicacies. It is important for increasing appetite and improving digestion.


We supply the beef from different places, meat and poultry with strictly quality inspection as well as other meat varieties to satisfy different cooking needs such as frying, steaming, raking, frying, boiling and steaming.

Fish & Seafood

We provide a full range of service for the professional customers with diverse varieties and complete specifications of seafood and freshwater fish, as well as many kinds of high-grade seafood supplies.

Refrigerated Foods, Eggs

We provide many kinds of commonly used eggs such as fresh eggs, refrigerated eggs, egg powder, etc. Varieties including egg, duck egg, goose egg and birds egg.

Frozen Foods

Daily distribution goods are for daily supplies and distribution, especially refrigerated and frozen products. Once the goods are received, they should be stored in refrigerated or frozen storage as soon as possible, or replenish them on the store shelves in time. Otherwise, it will melt and deteriorate very soon. We should pay more attention when collecting and inspecting such goods.