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Group Introduction

YBN Investment Holding Co., Ltd.  (Website: http://www.yuebainian.com )

YBN Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was createdin 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 3 billion. The company is engaged in equity investment and investment holding business. We work with strategic management, investment decisions, plan and budget management, operation analysis, asset operation and risk control. Our investment interest and portfolio covers many sectors, such as sustainable agriculture (the whole value chain), food safety inspection, green lighting, hospitality services, commercial real estate, high-tech development and transformation, commercial trade, covering three major industries: agriculture, industrial manufacturing and service industry. We have a total of 9 companies including full - capital subsidiaries, stock control subsidiaries, and share - holding subsidiaries, with nearly 1,000 employees, out of which 12% have bachelor, master and doctor degree.

The company is devoted to business model innovation, and we are constantly improving our development strategy. We also actively promote the business transformation.  By promoting the development of core industries, as well as in the pursuit of sustainable development and a stable return on investment, we have achieved good economic and social benefits. Foshan Zhongnan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, and a benchmark in the field of agriculture.  Guangdong Huixin Agricultural Products Inspection Co., Ltd. has been recognized as a national certification laboratory by high-tech enterprises.

Our future plans are: to strengthen the construction of standardized system of business management, enhance the core competitiveness; to support innovation and promote talents; to consolidate our corporate brand and promote our image; emphasize and support high-tech scientific research development and transformation, system integration development; consolidate our efforts on lifestyle projects involving: agricultural construction, food safety, and value chain development. 

We will access capital markets to obtain more investment liquidity and use our professionalism and strategy to be a market leader. 

Foshan Zhongnan Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. (Website: http://www.znat.cn)图片1.png

Foshan Zhongnan Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") was created in 1995 with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion. After more than 20 years of development, it has evolved from a small agricultural products wholesale market to covering many business fields. The company became a national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, while shaping the market of agricultural products. Zhongnan Agriculture became the core of "Agricultural industry structure”, and now manages: Foshan Zhongnan Agricultural Products Trading Center, Guangdong Huixin Agricultural Products Inspection Co. Ltd., Guangdong Green Choice Agricultural Products Co. Ltd. and Foshan Xijiang Agricultural Ecological Park Co. Ltd. The company is a key economical player of the region. It constantly accelerates the circulation of agricultural products by increasing the added value of agricultural products, while rapidly  enforcing local development and food safety. 

Moreover, Zhongnan Agriculture has become a national key leading enterprise and the honors are there to prove it. The awards range from Basket Base in Foshan City to Guangdong Province leader of the sector. 

Foshan Zhongnan Agricultural Trading Center is the company's core business of agricultural industrialization, it also is a comprehensive solution for exhibiting, trading, wholesale, storage, processing, warehousing, distribution and food safety inspection in one stop. The construction area is 280,000 sqm, with steel structure covering 200,000 sqm, and 10,000 tons storage for frozen products. The market has been equipped with an electronic monitoring system, covering the whole space and 8 large LED electronic screens. There are a total 9 trade, storage and processing areas with a total of 2500 individual spaces. The market showcases a wide variety of agricultural products, fresh and frozen: vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, oils as well as processed products.  

We have hundreds of national suppliers from all over the country. We have all categories of suppliers from farmers cooperatives and farmers to resellers, which creates our unique business model and offer us a definite competitive advantage within the industry.

 In 2016, the annual sales volume was 1,636,700 tons and the turnover was RMB 122.52 billion, which has helped farmers to secure a livelihood. 

 To ensure food safety & traceability, the company invested RMB 10 million to create  Guangdong Huixin Agricultural Products Inspection Co., Ltd. to inspect, supervise and certify the quality of merchandise in the trade center. Daily over 600 sample are tested for parameters such as: pesticide residues, sulfites, nitrites, melamine and other 20 indicators. In 2011, the laboratory was accredited by Guangdong Provincial Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau (CMA). In 2012, it was approved by CNAS National Laboratory. In 2014, it was selected as the Guangdong Agriculture Bureau's agricultural products quality and safety inspection agency (CALT). Huixin has been acknowledged by customers and society for its professional inspection team, high end equipment and precision testing results.

Because of the trade center, the company got involved in the agricultural production and sales field, covering all price segments.. 

Therefore production bases were created in Nanhai Xiqiao, and Danzao Heshun with a operation area of 2,300 acres. Xijiang Agricultural Production Base in Xiqiao is the first vegetable producing base in Foshan City and Guangdong Province, which has obtained both green and organic certification of Foshan. In the field of sales terminals, we have set up agricultural products processing and sorting, cold storage, packaging and transportation  terminal as well as sales and distribution as the main business of Guangdong Green Choice Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.

 Green Choice is to be the main base for the production of high quality agricultural products, while also distributing to  supermarkets, businesses and public institutions. 

In order to diversify our sales channels we have opened Green Choice cash & carry, which is valued by customers for exquisite product quality and service reputation

In addition, the company is promoting the construction project of "Yueguiqian Agricultural Products Distribution Center". The project, completed at the end of 2016, should attract the agricultural enterprises from Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou which are along the High-speed Rail Economic Zone with 60 counties in these three provinces. This way we are promoting cross-regional development.  This project is created to showcase Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou signature foods & beverages. The products will also be promoted and sold through our online platform. Not only will this allow customers to get the most famous products, but it will also help farmers from these 3 provinces increase their income and standard of living.

The company will continue to live by its credo “ Rooted in agriculture, support rural development and return to society. 

We will continue to use modern technologies while insuring the whole value chain from farm to table, offering logistical support and promoting organic agriculture. We will continue to be a leading enterprise in agricultural development while improving the efficiency and helping farmers increase their standard of living. 

We are committed to contribute to rural development and to building the new socialist countryside. 

Guangdong Benniu Technology Co., Ltd.(Website: http://www.benniuit.com)

Guangdong Benniu Technology Co. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of YBN Investment Holding Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, with registered capital of RMB 10 million. The headquarters are  in Nanxin Building (Yueguiqian Agricultural Products Trading Center) which is the Guangfo traffic hub landmark building.

The company is supported by government since the beginning. Its mission is to support the green industry and connect the key players in the field under one roof, while promoting a high development standard. 

In this context, the company creates “search for fresh” online shopping platform. Given the group’s focus on the agriculture trade and also community, this platform’s concept B2B2C will be a one stop shop for small distributors and shops, that would ease the logistics, save time and money and offer diversity for all the actors involved. It will use modern technologies, electronic payment, as well as data software to create the ultimate sales and purchasing experience. 

The team members for company are mainly by-cross investors, experts, technicians, managers and other highly  skilled individuals occupation. They provide a wide range of services:sales transaction service, information agents, a full range of logistics services, distribution services, advertising services, franchise service, online training, ecological sightseeing experience, in order to supply side structural reform of the green production industry, especially the agricultural industry, as well as the overall upgrading of the industry.

Guangdong Classical Plaza Hotel (Website: http://www.classicalplaza.com)

Guangdong Classical Plaza Hotel is in the "Martial arts City" - Foshan City, located at the junction of Foshan Avenue and Guidan Road, in the place of half an hour Guangfo economic circle. The transportation is convenient with a number of traffic roads in the area: including national highway, provincial highway, highway, railway, etc.

The hotel is designed with European architectural style with luxurious facilities.

The exquisite atmosphere and upscale service will offer you a delightful experience.  158 deluxe rooms and suites make you feel the warmth of home as well as the chic and comfort of a 5 star hotel. 5 Chinese and Western-style restaurants showcasing various cuisines create an unforgettable dining experience. Unique in Foshan, the hotel has a beautiful banquet hall, as well as  5 high-tech conference rooms perfect for all occasions and events.  

Our professional event planning team is there to help you organize the best events for business conferences, banquets, wedding receptions and other important events. The classical European architecture and refined perfect fusion of Foshan City will definitely make you experience the wonderful natural landscape and historical culture in Foshan.

Hotel’s location is very good with Guangfo highway, Foshan ring, Fokai and other high-speed intersection close at hand. It is only 10 minutes’ drive from the Foshan Airport, 15 minutes’ drive from the Temple District, the Nanhai Qiandeng Lake and Foshan Golf Course, just 40 minutes’ drive from downtown of Guangzhou, 50 minutes’ drive to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Traffic is so convenient.