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Company Introduction

Guangdong ZhaoXun Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., was created in September, 2016, an exquisite diverse company, owned by YBN Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as YBN).

Foshan Zhongnan Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., also owned YBN, has been awarded the title of “National Agriculture Key Enterprise”. With over 20 years of experience, Zhongnan Agricultural Product Trading Center has the mission to offer the best products from all over the world to Chinese consumers. It will have a diverse selection of domestic and foreign famous food and beverages. More than just a trade center, we have an in-house government certified laboratory and we are working on creating an international online and offline commercial platform to showcase high end products, but also offer logistics support and the guarantee of safety and quality. 

Zhao Xun is now launching Green Choice.

Green choice - your choice!

Green choice provides a modern, clean, upgraded wholesale retailer and buyer's choice. This is a unique alternative to existing markets and stores, providing carefully selected foods and beverages.

Why is the choice of green your choice

We are part of a YBN investment company: holding 8 companies has 22 years experience.

We have more than 4000 wholesale customers of SKU every year (HORECA, group buying, association). We have more than 300000 wholesale customers.

The government approved food certification laboratory allows us to track products from farm to table.

Climate control warehouse products, from dry food to fresh and frozen.

The advantageous location is Foshan, Guangdong Province - connecting highways, railway stations, shipping and ports. It is available for use by suppliers and buyers.

Our model:

Our building has 4 floors, 28000 square meters of imports and domestic products.

Dried Seafood Delight- 1st floor is dedicated to Chinese dried seafood. A beautifully designed space to accommodate various producers, showcasing high quality dried seafoods.

We also have banks and coffee shops on the first floor.

Green choice of cash and carrying

Because we want to provide flexibility and choice for our customers, the second layer will be a cash and transport, run B2B and B2C, which will provide the best selling products in China and the world.

Global food market

The third level brings together unique flavors from different parts of the world. Be ready to enjoy the food of the East and the West. find.Different countries and famous products. Join our wine tasting conference and an exquisite cooking adventure event.

China's Court of spice and food

The fourth level is signed goods from all provinces of China. At present, we show that traditional products come from Guandong, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. It will also receive restaurants and cafes.